‘God Cares For You’ gift card

For some time I wanted to give people something that would offer a word of encouragement, so that they might want to keep it in their purse or put it on their mantlepiece. But I also wanted it to challenge them with God’s claim on their life. When praying about this one day, my poem, ‘Do I Own Your Heart?‘ came to my mind, together with a graphic design that I had produced for a railway station poster many years before. This was the result. I, and some of my friends have given it to others in a variety of situations; and it has been generally very well received.

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Cover view
Inside view

Click on the images above to view the PDF version; which you can then print or download using your standard browser controls. The PDFs are formatted for printing on opposite sides of a plain white A6 (105mm x 148mm) card, which can then be folded to A7 size. I normally use an ‘instant print’ service and specify a white silk finish, 250gsm card. Note that prices reduce dramatically for larger quantities. The back cover includes space to add your own contact details; or you could modify this portion with a PDF editor.

Picture of folded card.If you would like a larger version as a personal reminder of God’s love to you, click here to download a PDF that can be printed on one side of a plain white A4 sheet using virtually any standard colour printer. It can then be folded horizontally and vertically to form a free-standing A6 card.

PLEASE NOTE: By default, most domestic printers leave a blank white border around the edge of the page: but many offer a ‘borderless’ option for printing right up to the page edges. If this option is selected, the PDF can be printed at its full size. But if your printer can’t do this, there should be an option that lets you fit the image within the printable border. You can then cut off the border after printing and folding. It is also possible to re-scale the image to fit different paper sizes. Most printers offer a ‘page preview,’ so you can check how your page will look before you print it.