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Kevin and Judy relaxing at home

This is me with my wife, Judy. We also have three children, who have long since flown the nest. But they continue to make ‘flying visits,’ often accompanied by our 3 grand-daughters. So we are a growing flock…

About myself

I am in my 70’s, and officially retired – at least insofar as I am now drawing a pension – but busier than ever, though mostly unpaid. I have been very happily married to my wife, Judy, for nearly 50 years, and we have now been living in North Yorkshire for more than 20 of them.

We met at University in Manchester, then lived in Surrey before moving with our family to Shetland for 9 years. They have a very unique lifestyle there: so returning to England after such a time was quite a culture shock, even though I have strong family roots in this part of the country. But we are now well settled. We love wide open spaces: so although we miss Shetland’s sea vistas, we enjoy getting out and about in the Yorkshire moors and dales whenever we get the chance.

I’ve spent most of my working life as a Technical Author, Computer Programmer and Systems Analyst. My interest in computers began whilst studying for a B.Sc.(hons) in Liberal Studies in Science; of which Computer Science was a part. I was a Technical Author/Development Engineer for several years; but when I became involved in buying and programming computers for my company I decided this was more fun than writing manuals!

So what did someone like me find to do in Shetland, you may wonder? Well, even then there were more than just sheep and ponies there. In fact, the Anderson High School in Shetland boasted far more computers than our local comprehensive in Surrey! I worked as a self-employed consultant, under the name of SANE Solutions, mostly on specialist programs for BP’s oil terminal at Sullom Voe (the largest in Europe); but I also designed and built web sites.

I didn’t go to Shetland for the work or the scenery, though; nor were these the reasons why we finally left.

To me, the most important issue is, ‘Why am I here (anywhere) at all?’ I became a Christian at the age of 14 and have worked for the Lord, mainly as a church leader and bible teacher, in several different denominations. Both in going to Shetland and in leaving it Judy and I have been very conscious of God leading and guiding us: though almost always just one step at a time. We are still excited to see what God has in store for us next. Retirement? What for?

Nowadays, I am at last able to devote more time to non-commercial projects and writing about the things that really matter to me. I currently have one published book, ‘Transformed by Love, the Story of the Song of Solomon.’

I like to travel – but not as a tourist. I would far rather rough it with the ordinary folk of a country than stay in a luxury hotel; and share in their daily lives than see the sights. Wildlife and nature excepted, that is. For years I wanted to be Curator of Reptiles at London Zoo; and I still like to take every opportunity I can to enjoy time in the wild. (Back to family photo)


Judy comes from Cheddar, in Somerset. We met in Manchester while she was training as a Speech Therapist. When I got my degree we married and she stopped working; but after leaving Shetland, she returned to Speech Therapy, working with children in mainstream schools until 2009. Then, on retiring, she became a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language for a while. Nowadays she is too busy counselling and helping others to have time for much else.

Her main recreations include botany, wildlife, walking and listening to music. (Back to family photo)

What’s a Christian?

Christians are people who have stopped pretending that they are good enough to deserve a place in heaven. Instead, they have realised that God loved them enough to settle the score for all their wrongdoings by sending His own Son, Jesus, to die in their place. Following this, they have committed their lives to Jesus, trusting Him for the power to enjoy an ongoing relationship with God now and a place in heaven for eternity.

For more information about Christianity, click here, or visit my ‘Loaves and Fishes‘ page. (Back to About Myself)

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Article, photo and page creation by Kevin King (that’s me!)

6 thoughts on “Kevin & Judy’s Home Page

  1. Great site. The facts with references to sources are greatly appreciated and highly valuable. May I make one recommendation on the site format? The background pattern is terribly distracting and detracts from the site. I recommend a far more subtle pattern, as this will enhance your site’s visible presence. Thank you for your kind consideration.

    • Thanks very much, Charles. I’m planning some further overhaul of the site as soon as I can find some free time – though that probably won’t be for a few months yet, unfortunately.

      God bless, Kevin

      • Not had much time yet, owing to my mother’s death: but I’ve toned down the text background and hope that this is now less of a distraction.

  2. Greetings Mr. King,

    I stubbled on your site as I was searching for information about Justus of Tiberias. And I appreciate your reflections on what might be the reason for the missing Jesus information. But as I read your bio I was struck by the similarity of our journeys. I am retired now at 72 from a life as a high school teacher (English and Bible) and pastor. My wife is retired from nursing. I have now settled down to writing and after writing a first book, Messiah: The Story of Jesus According to Matthew, am working on a second, a compilation of answers to the challenges and complaints often leveled against God, the Bible, and Christians.

    Knowing the passion of making a difference even in our later years, I pray God’s blessing upon your work of retirement.

    • Hi, Don!
      Good to hear from you, and thanks for the encouragement. I apologise for the strange layout of your comment. For some reason the system is splitting paragraphs into columns – will have to investigate what’s causing that!

      Yes, there do seem to be quite a few similarities between us; and if you’ve got any contributions you’d like to make to this site, please feel free to comment. I hope to expand it, eventually…

      • Finally had time to track down the layout problem. It turned out the theme was using the new CSS3 ‘flex’ feature with the wrong default setting; so it was laying out paragraphs side-by-side instead of one above the other. (Update: 12/3/17: now using new theme.)

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