Loaves and Fishes

… by Kevin King

This assortment of some of my own Christian writings is offered in the hope that they will prove a blessing to others rather than simply filling my filing cabinet and hard disc.

Please note that, although all these items carry copyright messages, this is only to prevent abuse. You are welcome to copy them and pass copies on to others, provided that you

  • do not charge for them (except on a non-profit basis to cover the cost of reproduction and distribution)
  • make no alterations to the text without my prior agreement
  • include the copyright message in the document.

Please let me have your comments; and if you are able to make use of these materials, I would be encouraged to hear from you.

The following items represent some of my ‘creative writing’ efforts ….
Child of Sorrow
A poem about healing of emotional wounds. Written to a woman in deep depression, this is partly my own testimony.
Peter’s Dark Night of the Soul
A meditation-cum-bible-study on Peter’s experience of Jesus, based around his unsuccessful night’s fishing following the resurrection.
Angel Rocks
Angels doing ‘work experience’ in a quarry?! A short dramatic sketch on the subject of prayer.
Guarding Paul
A simple skit with a serious point: what is true freedom?
The following articles and studies are now hosted under the “Liegeman Life” domain (life.liegeman.org).
Jesus Christ, the History Maker
An evaluation of the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.
The Triune God
A study showing how scripture brings us to the conclusion that, whilst there is only ONE God, that God is comprised of THREE distinct persons.
The Power of His Resurrection
A study on the ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ showing that, whilst spiritual fruit is even more important, the gifts are as relevant for us as the early church.

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